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Jill and David

Thank you for visiting our donation page for The Wolf River Singers!

The Wolf River Singers, a non-profit group now in its 23rd season, performs three concerts a year, one in December, another in March and the third in late May or early June. This group is very special to us because Jill has been singing with The Wolf River Singers for the past 23 years! They offer a very special gift to the Memphis community – their gift of making beautiful music.

As we have mentioned on our wedding website, God has blessed our lives in so many ways. Your presence at our wedding and your love are the only gifts we will ever need. However, if you are considering a gift, we encourage you to commemorate our wedding with a donation to The Wolf River Singers, an organization near and dear to us. Click on the link below to make a donation.

Thank you for your continued love and generosity as we begin our new life together!

Jill and David

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